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THE Place, where...

How did it all begin?

We are born to become a new, unique human being in our body, soul and spirit. As we grow up we leave our news parts behind or simply "sell" them for love, peace or meeting our desires; we align our aims to our mother's, parents', teachers' and bosses'. This is a completely paradox situation, as we are born to become a spiritual being with free will, unique capabilities and mission.

How can we create something new without giving in to the inner battle between our old and news parts, which often leads to deseases, depression and lack of future vision, or even pushes us to the world of addictions?

The real victim of this inner battle is our soul: we loose connection with our mission. The solution is that we face all sorrows caused by this battle. We understand the meaning of our timeline in our personal development trait. We transform our capabilities acquired in this inner battle to our main assets and start a new life with them. Or else we give in to inertia and follow the path of our ancestors, even if it leads to destroying our SELF.

These patterns of inertness very strongly put back our changes processes. It is very difficult to climb through these mountains alone, you might need help to change this old code of being. This is why THE Place has been created.

THE Place is the community, 

Where you can create your own place.
Where you can leave all your burdens which do not belong to you.
Where you can learn to take responsibility for yourself.
Where you can get support to live your life.
Where you know, feel and want what YOU ARE.
Where you experience and use your power.
Where you get in touch with your capabilities and are not afraid of using it.
Where you discover that there is free will.
Where the floor is yours!

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